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How much is New Year's Eve - price comparison in restaurants and cafes

The cost of celebrating the New Year 2019/2020 in cafes and other establishments depends on many factors. First of all, it is affected by the date of the planned celebration - if it is scheduled for December 31, the price tag will be significantly higher, therefore it is much more profitable to hold corporate parties and organize friendly gatherings on the 30th or 29th. The rating and status of this or that place also matters - the higher they are, the more you have to spend on buying tickets or paying for a check. Moscow and the northern capital St. Petersburg always remain the price leaders - here a New Year's party can cost several tens of thousands of rubles. But in the regions the scope of celebrations is more modest, as well as their cost - in some cities it starts at 1000 rubles. per person.

New Year in Moscow


The spread in prices for New Year's Eve celebrations in Moscow is huge - from a modest amount of 2500 rubles to numbers with five zeros. At the same time, the program that certain cafes and restaurants offer does not always depend on the cost of the check - you can find interesting offers for quite reasonable money.

Among the most popular for corporate events are:

  • Banquet Hall "Empire" at art. m. "Shabolovskaya" and "Tula" will provide its visitors with delicious food and good service for 2500 rubles. per person.
  • Loft boat - The restaurant on board the ship of the same name, which moors on New Year's Eve near Moscow City, offers festive performances by artists, a disco, contests with the participation of Santa Claus and Snegurochka for only 7500 rubles for adults and 6500 for children. Children under 5 years old - free of charge.
  • New Year's banquet in Moscow

  • Restaurant Balzi Rossi - here you can buy tickets for 25,000 or 45,000 (the price depends on the menu). In addition to delicious fish and Mediterranean dishes, guests will be invited to participate in a theatrical performance.
  • Oriental Cocktail Bar at art. m. Dynamo will delight Pan-Asian and Russian cuisine, delicious wines and fiery music from the invited DJ. The ticket costs 18,000 rubles.

St. Petersburg in winter

St. Petersburg

To celebrate the onset of the new 2020 in St. Petersburg can be on the same scale as in the capital. And at about the same prices - on average, the presence in a restaurant or cafe will cost each guest about 5,000. Those who do not expect anything supernatural from the menu and interior will easily find options that are half the price.

Such places deserve attention:

  • Restaurant of the Andersen Hotel - Those who like to eat a lot and will definitely enjoy it, because on New Year's Eve a table will be laid here according to the Swedish system. Greetings from traditional characters - Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter, contests and quizzes are also planned. You will have to pay 5500 rubles for everything.
  • New Year's banquet hall

  • Bali - a restaurant where for 8000 rubles per person you can take part in the New Year program based on the fairy tale “The Nutcracker”. In addition, guests will find performances by artists (mimes, drummers and a musical duet), karaoke, prize drawings and many other entertainments.
  • Garden street - A 4-hour program with the participation of a DJ, an illusionist and a music show will cost 10,000 rubles. The menu includes hot and cold snacks, salads, a birthday cake and fruit.

Ded Moroz and Snegurochka


Those who want to celebrate the coming of the new year in local restaurants and cafes should prepare about 1300 rubles from each participant of the feast, if the corporate party will be held no later than December 30. But the meeting of 2020 under the chiming clock on the night from the 31st to the 1st will cost two to three times more expensive - from 3500 rubles.

Compared to other institutions, it stands out:

  • "Athos Castle" - here they are allowed to bring drinks with them, and not only alcoholic ones.For the New Year, a show program with congratulations, contests, live music and tasty treats is planned. Ticket price - 4000 rubles.
  • Restaurant & Karaoke Marrakech - The cost of the New Year's program is only 500 rubles per guest. However, the price does not include food and drinks. The program includes performances by vocalists, contests with prizes, a disco. It is possible to take a photo on the helipad.
  • Menu cafe Ginger in Chelyabinsk

  • Cafe "Ginger" - here you can hold a corporate party very budget - for only 1000 rubles. per person. In addition to tables in the banquet hall for 75 guests there are separate cozy booths.

New Year in Novosibirsk


The average check for the New Year corporate party 2019/2020 in Novosibirsk ranges from 1600 to 2500 rubles. If you wish, you can find more expensive places, but even for such a democratic amount you can get a good rest and have fun.

It is worth paying attention to such institutions:

  • Local Lore Restaurant "Neighbors" - offers Far Eastern, Siberian and Buryat cuisine. Everyone who decides to celebrate the New Year here will pay from 2000 rubles.
  • Nebar - A bar club with dancing until you drop. Holds up to 70 people, and a meeting with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden will cost here at least 2500 rubles.
  • New Year celebration at Nebar in Novosibirsk

  • Leto-cafe - here you can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and have a great night in the company of colleagues, friends or family. Such a pleasure will cost from 2500 rubles.
  • Munich Courtyard Bar - for 2800 rubles. from each New Year's Eve they promise to deliciously feed and drink. By the way, the interior of this establishment is very similar to German pubs.
  • Waiter in a New Year's suit

  • Orangelines - In this family entertainment center not only adults, but also children will be happy. The price is also pleasing - from 1600 per visitor.

New Year's Ekaterinburg


New Year's Eve in one of the cafes in Yekaterinburg will cost about 1,500 rubles per person. The final price tag will depend on the appetite and the amount of alcohol consumed.

The most advantageous offers:

  • Cafe Bar Pan American 8500 - New Year's corporate parties at a price of 1000 rubles. from each participant. Most of all, this place will appeal to lovers of burgers, although there are other dishes on the menu in European and American cuisine.
  • Cafe-bar Pan American 8500 in Yekaterinburg

  • Cafe of Georgian cuisine "Ushguli" - A cozy place where you can hold a corporate party at a price of 1,500 rubles per person. It serves grilled and grilled food, pies, soups and desserts. An important nuance is the presence of a vegetarian menu.
  • Biennale - in this cafe with a banquet hall for 20–45 people the price tag reaches 1800 rubles. for new year's eve. Of the pluses - a huge assortment of dishes, free parking and a central location.

To save money, you need to book tables and buy tickets in advance - in this case, the cost can be 10–20% lower. Also, some establishments allow you to bring your own alcohol - this is also an essential item for cutting costs, because it is no secret that it is drinks, not food, that make up the lion's share in the formation of a check at New Year's parties.

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