Ironing a pleated skirt with an iron: how to keep pleats

Pleated fabric is processed using special technology, and its folds are not smoothed either during washing or when ironing. However, the accuracy of the lines, and especially this applies to fashionable models with different directions is sweet, may suffer. However, there are several ways to iron a pleated skirt at home.


Recommended Method

If you query YouTube or the web, you will find one answer: buy a steam generator or a steamer. These devices are designed for professional ironing and cope with pleats and its counterparts best: completely smooth the slopes and do not deform the edges of the folds. BUT. Such a device is rather bulky, expensive, and it makes no sense to buy it for the sake of a single polyester skirt.

Steam pleated skirt ironing

Procedure with a steamer / steam generator:

  1. Fasten the skirt to the trouser hanger by the belt and hang it at chest level or a little lower - to make it convenient for you to work.
  2. Pass the skirt using vertical steaming, moving along the folds and slightly straightening them. The temperature is gentle (the required parameter must be given on the stitching - observe it).

Pleated Skirts

The key to pleating care is washing and drying. Send the skirt to the drum in a mesh bag, or better yet, in a stocking. Dry strictly in a straightened form, either on a hanger with clips, if the folds are vertical, or on a horizontal lattice if pleating is transverse, diagonal or combined.

How to operate the iron

In practice, the author of made sure that a pleated skirt and even simple bow pleats do not suffer at all when ironed. The only thing you need is a little more accuracy and the narrow end of the ironing board.


  1. Put a properly dried skirt on the narrow end of the board - no belt needs to be pulled.
  2. If the skirt is two-layered, tilt the upper tier and iron the lining.
  3. Lay the pleated part back on the board and with slight movements return the folds to the assembled state.
  4. With a heated iron, walk along the folds. Gentle temperatures and moderate steaming are recommended. A good option is strong steaming, but then the sole should not crush the fabric - keep the iron on weight.
  5. Flip the unglazed side toward you, reassemble the folds and repeat the movement with the iron.

iron pleated skirts


Many masters are sure: it is impossible to iron a pleated skirt with an iron without panning. This means that each (!) Fold is sewn with long stitches manually. Only then the skirt is ironed, and after the basting opens. does not recommend this method for skirts made of thin materials, such as silk (natural / artificial) or chiffon. Traces of the needle and ugly creases from the thread will remain on delicate matter, and constant care in this way will quickly thin out the fabric, and the thing will have to be thrown away earlier.

Girl in a pink skirt

Modern production technologies allow a pleated skirt to do without ironing - just remove it from the washing machine and hang it. After drying, you only need to iron the lining. But if creases are formed, do not be afraid to iron - the gentle temperature is not able to overcome the factory press, and the folds will not deteriorate.

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