Why do I need liquid powder and where to pour it

Many housewives do not even pay attention to shelves with liquid detergents and out of habit buy dry powder. The reason is not only in their cost, but also in the absence of an idea of ​​where to pour liquid powder in the washing machine. This issue needs to be considered, since the method of washing depends on the type of clothing, machine and powder itself. You will learn how to choose a good product and how to handle it from this article.

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What is a liquid detergent?

Concentrated gel detergent is a modern alternative to dry detergent. This eco-friendly product, although it costs more, has several advantages. In its composition there are not only washing components, but also substances that soften water and tissue fibers. Advanced housewives do not hesitate to switch to liquid powders for cars.

The composition of concentrated gels may include plant components with a disinfecting property. Linen after washing with a special gel smells pleasant, since it contains fragrances. The substance preserves the color of things. Some housewives claim that gels help restore the brightness of clothes. Washing with liquid powder extends the shelf life of things, softens the effect of water.

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The advantages of liquid powder are as follows:

  1. It is well washed off clothes, does not leave spots and stains. Such products are recommended for washing voluminous things: jackets, blankets.
  2. Suitable for washing woolen items and delicate fabrics.
  3. It forms little foam and dissolves well in water.
  4. It protects the washing machine, it is well washed off its walls.
  5. Suitable for washing in cold water. A liquid concentrate is more effective at controlling dirt when washing at a low temperature than conventional washing powder.
  6. Successfully copes with difficult pollution. Saves clothes from stains of grass, fruits, vegetables, fat.
  7. It is convenient to store: it does not crumble like dry. Powder will not spill out of the sealed packaging.
  8. Rarely causes allergies, does not irritate the respiratory system.
  9. Convenient dosage. A small gel bottle can replace a large pack of powder. Due to this, it is convenient to store.
  10. Using a gel can replace the soaking procedure. It is enough to apply a small amount of the product on the stain, hold for an hour or two and send it to the washing machine.
  11. You can use the gel for hand washing.

Which liquid laundry detergent is better

The product is presented on store shelves in the following forms: gel and capsules. The use of the gel is convenient, as the dosage can be adjusted. Capsules do not require such a procedure at all, they are simply laid in a machine. This is not to say that a particular species is better than another. It all depends on the personal preferences of the hostess.

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Manufacturers offer products with different spectrum of action. They produce gels for washing colored fabrics, for delicate fabrics, to remove scale in the machine, and others. It is logical that for a specific purpose it is better to choose a liquid powder with a special purpose. For example, to wash black clothes, select a product that says “Black.” There are universal liquid powders that cope with many types of pollution, protect fabric and washing machine. Powders of brands are well established. Persil, Prox.

Wash with liquid powder

So, you decide to wash with a liquid product. So that washing is successful the first time, do not be lazy and study the instructions, both of which apply to both the powder and the washing machine.

Pour liquid powder in several ways: in a special compartment or directly into the drum. Pay special attention to the recommendations for the machine, as in some devices the loading of powder into the drum itself is prohibited.

Not all liquid laundry detergents can be loaded with laundry. There may be a restriction on the label: avoid direct contact with things. Such a concentrate can only be poured into a special compartment.

Standard machines have three detergent drawers. In which of them pour the gel composition? The first compartment is indicated by the letter A or the number 1 (I). It is designed for the soaking phase. Pouring gel concentrate there is extremely rare, and is not always allowed by the design of the compartment. If the pollution is strong and old, use the first department, but do not forget to choose the appropriate mode, otherwise the product is not used.

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The second compartment - B, or 2 (II) - is intended for the main wash cycle. There and poured liquid powder. Special tools with a whitening function are also placed there. In some machines, the departments are equipped with a special cover or a removable partition for liquid powder.

If you did not find instructions in the instructions, then rely on the volume of the compartment. For the main wash, the largest department is designed.

The third compartment is usually smaller than the others in size. It is designated as C or 3 (III). Its purpose is the rinse stage. Usually there is added fabric softener, antistatic or emollient. You can calculate the rinse department by marking. The maximum fluid level is marked with the word "Max" or with an asterisk. You can add a concentrate to this compartment in a small amount. It rinses well from clothes, so it will not leave streaks, but will only improve the washing result.

The second method of loading is directly into the drum. Its advantage is that the container and hose remain clean after washing. Manufacturers often add a measuring container or a dosing cap to the product. A product is poured directly into it, the amount of which is easy to track. Next, the container is immersed in the drum along with things, and washing starts.

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purityis.decorexpro.com/en/ recommends choosing the second method for older devices that are so worn out that water begins to flow poorly into the powder compartments. Adding gel directly to the drum saves powder and extends machine life. Another method is recommended for washing baby clothes. Means of this purpose are sold complete with a measuring cup.

Do not throw away your favorite washing cap in the drum. It can be useful for liquid powder of another brand, with a less convenient dispensing container or without it.

Terms of use:

  • When washing with liquid detergent, give preference to the recommendations in the instructions for the machine, and not for the powder.
  • It is not necessary to observe the dosage indicated on the label. A large amount of liquid is not necessary: ​​for a standard machine with a load of 5-6 kg, 1-2 tablespoons are enough. First, wash with less. If the impurities do not disappear, then increase the portion of the powder.
  • The liquid product is effective at a temperature not exceeding 60 degrees. Choose the appropriate mode.
  • Gel capsules can only be placed in a drum.
  • It is strictly forbidden to pour bleaches, stain removers and other aggressive agents into the drum. From this, things will definitely go bad.
  • To skip the soaking cycle, apply liquid powder directly to the stain and hold for several minutes to an hour. Then just wash the item without adding anything.

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Please note: at the same time, it is strictly forbidden to load the gel product into the powder compartment and into the drum! Overdose can damage both things and the car. Unexpected chemical reactions are not ruled out.

It should be understood that liquid powder cannot create miracles, despite its versatility.Any thing sooner or later wears out and becomes washed out. Liquid concentrate can extend the life of the garment, but not return it to its original color and shape. Always choose a trusted manufacturer. It is better to give more money for a reliable tool than to buy new clothes instead of spoiled ones. Otherwise, the gel composition is clearly worth trying. Have a nice wash!

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