Do I need to clean the filters of washing machines and how often do I have to

Most owners of washing machines know that they have filters that periodically need to be freed from dirt. But where they are located and how to clean the filter of the washing machine are far from all.

washing machine filter

Two filters are usually installed on a modern washing machine - one (in-line) on the water supply pipe, where the inlet hose is screwed, the second (in-line) - on the drain hose in front of the drain pump. These devices can be cleaned independently. It is not complicated and does not take much time.

How to clean the inlet filter

It should be noted that this filter is not installed on all models. It is designed to clean the water entering the machine from pieces of rust, grains of sand and other contaminants and is a metal mesh through which the supplied water passes. This device is located inside the nozzle of the washing machine, to which the inlet hose is screwed, in front of the water supply valve. If you do not clean this filter, then over time it will clog and block the water supply.

washing machine drain filter

This work is carried out in the following order:

  1. Disconnect the machine from the power supply (pull the plug out of the socket).
  2. Turn off the water tap (near the hose).
  3. Unscrew the hose (inlet) from the nozzle on the back of the washing machine. The fastening nut is unscrewed counterclockwise. It is advisable to pre-spread the rag on the floor, as a small amount of water will drain from the hose. Care must be taken - there is a rubber gasket inside the nut, which may fall out and be lost when the hose is disconnected.
  4. Remove the strainer from the nozzle. To do this, use a pair of pliers to grasp the protruding plastic partition (they are located in the form of a cross) and, turning from side to side, carefully remove the plastic cylinder with the mesh secured by twisting movements.
  5. Thoroughly clean the net from dirt. For this purpose, an ordinary toothbrush is very suitable, with which the filter element is cleaned on both sides under running water.
  6. An additional mesh can be installed directly in the hose instead of the gasket, it should also be removed and cleaned.
  7. Replace the inlet filter into the pipe.
  8. Screw the hose into place, making sure that the rubber gasket is in place.
  9. Open the water tap and check for leaks at the connection. If water leaks, tighten the fastening nut or change the rubber gasket.

How often to clean the inlet filter depends on the quality of the water supplied. The dirtier the water, the more often you will have to remove and rinse the mesh.

dirt in the washing machine filter

Clean the drain filter

Another filter that needs to be cleaned regularly is a drain. It is located at the bottom of the washing machine, but access to it from different manufacturers is organized differently. So at the Electrolux, Bosch, Ardo, Zanussi, he is behind a small, hinged, decorative hatch. In cars of the brand Samsung, Ariston, Kandy and Indesit - hidden under the lower plastic panel, mounted on latches. Such a panel can be removed with a wide flat screwdriver or a knife, pushing them sideways into the slot and turning until a distinctive click is heard.

washing machine filter cleaning

Be careful when removing the panel for the first time. In some models of cars, the latches are opened by moving the panel to the side, and in some it is mounted on rotary hooks. Therefore, before removing the panel for the first time, it is advisable to review the instruction manual.

It is necessary to prepare a container with low edges (tray, pan) to drain the remaining water.In extreme cases, you can spread a fairly large rag. Some models have a thin hose to drain the remaining water, which is closed by a plug.

washing machine filter cleaning

It’s not difficult to clean the filter itself:

  • Open the hatch or remove the decorative panel.
  • If there is a drain hose, remove the plug and drain the remaining water into the prepared container and close it with a stopper.
  • If drainage is not provided, then under the machine at the location of the filter, slip a container or spread a rag.
  • Unscrew plug (counterclockwise). In some models, it is fixed with a bolt, which must first be unscrewed.
  • Remove the plug with the filter attached to it.
  • Clean it of foreign objects, scum and debris and rinse in water.
  • It is advisable to look inside the nozzle where the filter is inserted by lighting it with a flashlight. If there is dirt, carefully remove and clean it.
  • Screw the drain filter into place.
  • Replace the decorative panel or close the hatch.

As can be seen from the description, cleaning the filter of the washing machine is not difficult, and it does not take much time. But if such simple work is done regularly, at least once every six months, then the indispensable assistant will work without fail for a long time.

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